Patient Billing

Announcing New Billing Statements
Based on feedback from our patients, we have revised our patient billing statements. They are now easier to understand and allow patients to find important information about their bill, such as due dates and the amount owed. We hope you find our new statements easier to navigate and more user-friendly.
Click here for a full list of statement changes.

SMGOR-BMC has a new electronic health and billing system.

For balances  you must pay your bill through SMGOR-BMC MyChart.

Not sure how to find your date of service?

For statements, click here.

Summit Medical Group Oregon – BMC is pleased to offer online bill pay to provide an easier way to pay your bills.

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  • American Express
    By submitting a payment on this bill pay form I authorize Bend Memorial Clinic to charge my debit or credit card the amount indicated. I acknowledge that I am responsible for entering the correct payment amount from my statement and all other required information. This also verifies that I am initiating a charge to my card compliant with U.S. law. By submitting an online payment, I agree that I possess funds sufficient to cover the Payment Amount entered, and agree that Bend Memorial Clinic, is not liable for any overdraft or insufficient funds penalties. I understand that it may take several business days for an online payment to be processed and applied to my account.
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DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE. Doing so could result in duplicate charges to your credit card. Credits for duplicate payments are not processed immediately.