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Survivorship Program

Summit Medical Group ‘s Cancer Survivorship Program

More than 10 million cancer survivors live in the United States today and 3 out of 4 families will help care for a family member with cancer. The cancer journey continues even after you finish treatment and finding support to help you through is important.

In Summit Medical Group ’s Cancer Survivorship Program our Nurse Practitioner provides follow-up care for patients who have been treated for cancer and will work closely with your doctor(s) who have treated you to help manage your life after cancer.

You will see the Nurse Practitioner in our clinic where they will:

  • Look for signs of the cancer returning
  • Manage any effects of treatment, such as pain and fatigue
  • Recommend screening tests for other cancers
  • Provide counseling about living a healthy lifestyle, such as diet, exercise and quitting smoking
  • Provide your local doctor with information about your treatment

Patients can call or make an appointment after they complete their primary course of treatment or when a patient is transitioned to maintenance therapy. This program is open to both SMGOR and non SMGOR patients.

For more information on our program call (541) 318-3255.